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AutoCAD training at iSource`s premises

AutoCAD training was held at the iSource`s premises.  Ten participants had the opportunity to gain significant experience working on AutoCAD projects. Starting from 28 January 2019, during two months, the participants learned how AutoCAD software is working, and how to use the drawing tools and mod...
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Designing and developing a website for KinoBit

KinoBit is a Kino cell in Bitola, the birthplace of the Balkan film industry, established by the initiative of the Association for Civil Activism FORUM 16 – Bitola. A key part of FORUM 16’s mission involves working to equip young Macedonians with the tools to express their vision for a better so...
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Donation of TV for SUMNAL – Bitola

SUMNAL – Association for development of the Roma community in Macedonia organize and conduct various educational and social activities for the children. Sumnal also provides a wide range of educational opportunities for all community members. These services include women’s rights, education, att...
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