IT equipment for students in the primary school “Stiv Naumov” Bitola

IT equipment for “Stiv Naumov” Bitola

In the frames of the second cycle of supporting projects for Betterment of Bitola, the BoB fund donated IT equipment in the primary school Stiv Naumov Bitola. The donation consisted of 10 new laptops for the students, 8 desktop computers for the teachers and a wireless router.

Since technology has become increasingly tied with educational delivery, making computers and the internet an indispensable asset to the classroom, we decided for this cycle to fund this project.

We know that computers are an integral part of the learning experience for each student who according to the curricula is mandated to have computer interaction time each week for multiple subject areas. Teachers have also been impacted by this as the computers assist with the creation of lesson plans and delivery of lectures.

Children are more engaged through the use of computers and we hope that these new laptop computers will really assist them and increase their excitement to learn. Furthermore, the school will provide a framework in which these computers can be used to truly effect the change in how the teachers teach, how students learn and how they can use these technologies to add value to the teaching process.

We hope that our example will be followed by other IT companies from Bitola city so we can help the primary schools to improve the teaching process.